Maintenance, inspections and repair

Geerdink has more than 100 years of experience in the daily maintenanc...


Maintenance, inspections and repair

Geerdink has more than 100 years of experience in the daily maintenance of your installation, site, and/or your buildings, both corrective and preventive maintenance. Geerdink takes care of maintenance so that you can fully focus on your business model and processes. Repairs are not always complex based on corrective maintenance, but the way in which they are thought about is. It is necessary for your business operations to switch quickly in an urgent situation, such as a fire water leakage, and to carry out the repair safely, but this often means that the underlying cause has not been investigated anymore because "the problem" has been solved. What Geerdink experiences in practice is that the problems that arise are caused by a design error or a highly neglected preventive maintenance program. A corrective repair can be something simple, such as making a door close properly or, for example, repairing cracks in a concrete floor in accordance with the CUR recommendation. In the case of the example of the concrete floor, you can choose to continue to repair because, for example, an unwanted settlement that occurs is not remedied, or Geerdink ensures a repair design with which Geerdink looks for a sustainable solution that is fully tailored to your wishes. The total cost of ownership is of great importance here. Geerdink always acts from the total cost of ownership philosophy.

Geerdink also relieves you completely in the maintenance program that applies to you. This includes conducting company internal inspections on your liquid-tight facilities, fire water network, roadsides, and pavements on roads, waiting houses, etc. Geerdink will then draw up repair advice, estimate, execute, and maintain it. Geerdink performs corrective or preventive maintenance and inspections on the following components: Buildings, liquid-tight facilities (NRB, VDV), tank dikes (bund walls), tank mounds, tank pits and routes, site design, roads and roadsides, sewer, fire water, and drinking water systems.


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The world of Geerdink

Geerdink works within the following industries: Oil, Gas and Petroch...


The world of Geerdink

Geerdink works within the following industries:

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemistry
  • Coal and ore storage
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Edible and vegetable oils
  • Cold and freezer cells sector
  • Biomass
  • Storage and Shed Construction
  • Agricultural sector
  • Energy and Water companies
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