Civil works

Civil works normally consist of concrete foundations, floors, and/or w...


Civil works

Civil works normally consist of concrete foundations, floors, and/or walls in the industry. The foundation work forms the basis for further work and installation of piping, electricity, instrumentation, or steelworks, among other things. Geerdink specializes in all types of foundation works, whether on land or above water. Geerdink always has a solution and has more than 100 years of knowledge and experience, which means that we have many specialists with a lot of theoretical and practical experience.

Geerdink has extensive experience in various engineering and realization of piling works on land and above water with lead piles and stanchions. Geerdink has also installed various sheet pile structures, both temporarily and permanently. Geerdink also looks from the engineering to the practical implementation of piling works, this benefits the cost price and the planning, which directly prevents failure costs for the customer. In addition to piling, Geerdink also performs concrete work whereby we engineer and realize many foundation forms, concrete floors, concrete walls and other concrete structures ourselves. From a concrete base to new tank foundations or tank pits, from concrete floors with flatness class II (in accordance with NEN 2747) to concrete walls. Can't exist and everything is feasible with the right knowledge and experience of Geerdink.

Geerdink can also take care of the steelwork for you, including the necessary slatted floors, railings and all support steel with all types of coatings that may apply. Geerdink builds various complete steel structures and piperacks on our own built foundations. By placing the entire package with Geerdink, the customer does not have to carry out interface management, so you can focus on the business model and processes.


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The world of Geerdink

Geerdink works within the following industries: Oil, Gas and Petroch...


The world of Geerdink

Geerdink works within the following industries:

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemistry
  • Coal and ore storage
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Edible and vegetable oils
  • Cold and freezer cells sector
  • Biomass
  • Storage and Shed Construction
  • Agricultural sector
  • Energy and Water companies
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