Geerdink is industry

Every day, we build and conducting maintenance under the extremely difficult conditions inherent to the industry. But taking subsidiary activities and processes, realistic safety risks and the client’s liability if something goes wrong into consideration has trained us to think ahead and anticipate, from the engineering phase to the finished project.

Geerdink’s ambition isn’t to be the biggest in the field, but rather to be the best. It has become our second nature to think in terms of multiple solutions and to challenge ourselves to improve on today’s successes by doing even better tomorrow. Our record of service and our long history of working with a number of prominent clients proves that you can rely on us for all of your building needs.


Safe work!

During our monthly managerial consultation in the month of May, i...

Underground and above-ground pipework

Geerdink is the expert for your extinguishing water, drinking water and sewer pipe systems....