From 1905 until today

Geerdink was founded in 1905 by carpenter J. C. Geerdink. In a few decades, Geerdink has grown from a one-man business for private clients, regionally active in the east of the country, to a nationally active contracting company. In that time Geerdink realizes large projects for prestigious clients such as KLM, Shell and KPN. The Zuider Hospital was also built just before the Second World War and the old Schiphol was built by Geerdink just after the Second World War.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the management changed and Geerdink mainly focused on maintenance and new construction projects in industry. Today Geerdink is a modern organization where safe working in a complex environment is paramount.
Our committed employees feel at home at Geerdink thanks to the warm family atmosphere.

Our approach

Geerdink always strives to connect flawlessly to the process of you as a client. Geerdink is aware of the real risk of damage during work in the client's field. Geerdink is the invisible link through thinking ahead and meticulous process and project management. Geerdink strives to ensure that your business operations are not disturbed or that you experience delays.

Geerdink's ambition is that we want to be the best in taking care of you as a client. If you want to be the best, you have to keep moving. Geerdink is always looking for improvement by asking questions and sharing knowledge.

In this way, Geerdink offers added value to you as a client.


Under the motto of Geerdink "I work safely, I work at Geerdink" we guarantee safety, health, environment, and quality. The processes have been developed in such a way that they are suitable for every Geerdink project. In this way, Geerdink ensures that everyone works according to the correct processes, knows their role, and the associated tasks. This is the basis for a smoothly running process.

Geerdink's SHEQ department works closely with employees to link process and implementation and to achieve this as safely, healthily, and qualitatively as possible. The company manual is continuously improved by 'lessons learned', compliance with the latest laws and regulations, and the application of the Plan, Do, Check, Act concept.
Geerdink is certified according to VCA Petrochemie, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, NEN-ISO 45001 and BRL 7000.